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"Forward Thinking"

At a very early age I learned that if I wanted something bad enough, if it was a worthwhile goal, I could bring all my skills and abilities and a vigorous work ethic to accomplish that goal. It’s as natural as breathing to me. When you run a company, you get to make the rules and I have identified the formula that has allowed me to be successful. It’s now a core value at PRO2PRO so that my company and my employees can thrive and meet our goals, every time. I call this formula "Forward Thinking" and it’s our blueprint for exceeding customers’ expectations.

“Forward Thinking” begins with the goal of exceeding customer’s expectations. How can we deliver a resulting part or project well beyond the expectations of our customer? Our customers are a valued member of our team for this very reason. We must understand exactly what the customer expects so we can shatter that requirement and deliver a part well beyond expectations.

“Forward Thinking” considers the resources needed to accomplish our goal.
This, of course, will be different for each customer. There are simply too many scenarios to list them all here. It's worth mentioning that we build all our parts to as9001 standards, so technically, parts are perfect as they can be. Add to that our "in-line" inspection of every part to ensure accuracy and you get the idea we are serious about exceeding expectations...

“Forward Thinking” requires an intimate understanding of our CNC Machine Capabilities. We are often called upon to make a delivery other shops have told customers are impossible or build parts to tolerances other CNC Shops said were impossible. With these types of jobs, we need to maximize the capabilities of our equipment so we need to really understand the limits of each machine so we do not compromise the equipment. This sometimes leads to designing and building "appliances" that attach to our machines to make them even more capable. That is where my skills and those of my fellow CNC Machinists really become a blessing. All our customers benefit from this level of experience because if we can build parts under extremely stressful conditions we can build parts under any conditions.

"Forward Thinking" allows each CNC Machinist to utilize his own unique gifts. We encourage and use those gifts to reach our goals. So "Forward Thinking" provides the blueprint of how things are done and our talented CNC Machinists use their skills to ensure we make the best parts possible, every time.