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About Us

I began PRO2PRO Machining Services in 2008 when I saw the need for a CNC Machine Shop that could consistently produce quality CNC parts On-Time and On-Budget. At the time producing parts on-time and on-budget was not a priority for most shops. From the beginning, we have delivered all our projects on-time and on-budget. Problem solved, objective met. On-Time and On-Budget is a no longer a goal but a standard at PRO2PRO Machining Services. 

Having met the OT and OB challenge rather quickly, I focused my attention on customer's expectations. Not meeting their expectations but going above and beyond to deliver parts and projects "far above their expectations". Really trying to add a shock and awe element to the parts run. I'm not one to brag, truly I am not, but I will tell you I enjoy, really, really enjoy a difficult challenge and a competitive environment so I can demonstrate my competence. It's what drives me, it’s the juice of my life. It gives me a sense of satisfaction, a job well done. Knowing I have done my very best when called on.

I also know my CNC equipment inside and out and my CNC team of machinists do as well. A critical component in meeting our company goal of "exceeding expectations, every time". We know how far we can push these machines to maximize production and minimize costs and not compromise safety or the equipment itself. We are experts, at designing appliances to attach to our CNC Machines to make them even more productive and capable. Working as a team, we design production cycles based on customer needs, our collective understanding of our equipment and our expertise as CNC Machinists. If you have a demanding part or project that borders on the impossible I would love to talk to you. I thrive on difficult challenges, creating processes that don't yet exist to create parts that don't yet exist. I'm looking forward to the next challenge that walks through my door!